20 de set de 2009

The Haunted Ghost

The blade of chaos swung through the air and hit the man's ankle. He fell to the ground screaming like a nearly slaughtered animal, his leg was bleeding and burnt. Kratos bent down and looked at his face:

- WHERE LIVES THE WITCH? – his voice was pure fury.

- I-I don’t know… - the man could barely speak.

- That girl over there is your daughter, isn't she? – the warrior said pointing to a young woman laying on the floor - She’s still alive. If you tell me where the witch lives I’ll let her go unharmed. If you don’t… I’ll rape her a hundred times then cut her in a thousand pieces and let her to the pigs.

The horror overwhelmed the old man. He could barely breath, his hands and lips were shaking.

- F-follow the old road up the hills… it’s near the grove. – whispered the man.

- Thanks. – answered Kratos with a wicked smile.

The blade of chaos pierced the man’s heart in a blink of eyes. Kratos stood up and moved to the door. Several bodies lied inside that tavern including the man’s daughter – she was already dead when the Spartan talked to him.

The tiny village was covered on fire and blood. An onslaught had happened, just a few villagers were able to flee to the plains. The responsible for all those deaths was a cursed man with a pale white skin, on his shoulders was the weight of thousands of deaths, the heaviest of them was the burden of his own family.

He met no one on his way to the witch’s lair. It was a tiny cabin made of old wood, when Kratos got close enough, he saw a white owl on the window staring at him with big yellow eyes. He ignored the animal and yelled at the door:

- Show yourself, witch! I know you live here!

It took only a few seconds for the sounds of steps to come out from the house. A old woman dressed with white rags appeared at the door. She pointed at the warrior and said in a prophetic way:

- I know who you are, Ghost of Sparta. Why have you come to me? Why have you spilled so much blood just to find me?

- If you know who I am, you know why I am here. – shouted the Spartan – The gods have cursed me, I want you to use your powers to take it off from me.

The old woman laughed in a wicked way then looked to the warrior with sharp eyes.

- What the gods have done, only the gods can undo.

- Then your life has no meaning to me.

The Blades of Chaos danced once again. The flesh and bones of the old woman were cut and crushed several times. Kratos was covered in blood and pain. It had been a long journey to that village – it was all in vain. Every single night in the last years that warrior had nightmares with the day he killed his own family in a blind rage. He looked to the sky searching for any sign of hope but the only thing he saw was a white owl flying away…


Kratos é o protagonista do jogo God of War lançado para Playstation 2 em 2005. O game, ambientado na Grécia Mitológica, é recheado de elementos fantásticos, ação desenfreada e muita violência. Somando isso a uma história bem elaborada e uma trilha sonora bastante empolgante dá pra ter uma idéia porque ele ganhou vários prêmios em 2005 e foi considerado um dos melhores jogos lançados para PS2. Segue abaixo uma pequena amostra.

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